Authorized Provider for the Office of Motor Vehicles


As an authorized service provider for the Office of Motor Vehicles we are authorized by the State of Louisiana to complete all motor vehicle title transactions including, but not limited to the following:

  • Registering and titling of new, used, and off-road motor vehicles
  • Issuance of license plates and specicalty plates
  • Duplicate titles
  • Tile corrections
  • Issuance of temporary markers to dealers.  
  • Affidavit of heirship

What You Need To Know

  • Party to the transaction must be present.  
  • Photo identification is required. 

  • All registration transactions require proof of insurance. 

  • If the title in question is an out of state title and does not have the purchase amount listed, a notarized bill of sale is required. 

  • Out of state title transactions require out of state photo identificatoin of seller or a double transaction will be required.

Free Yourself From the Wait

You have a lot to get done. Let us help you manage your time. We offer on-site mobile services by appointment. We are also authorized to perform additional transactions such as recording of liens, mortgages, or security interests against motor vehicles, conversions of plates, transfers of plates, replacements of lost or stolen plates and/or stickers, registration renewals, duplicate registrations, and other applications or transactions as authorized by the commissioner.


Frequently Used Websites & Forms: 

OMV Forms

Louisiana Department of Motor Vehicles and Public Safety Services 

Louisiana Secretary of State

State of Louisiana Home page

Specialty Plates  

*some restrictions apply

SCN specialty plate graphic.png